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Everything You Must Know About Teen Patti at Indian Casinos

Teen Patti is an Indian online casino game, and we must admit, something of a classic. The game isn’t incredibly different from poker. This has helped it gain popularity in the West. Given that most Indian online casinos originate in the West, that has helped with the availability of Teen Patti. As a result, most Indian players should readily be able to play the famous card game online.

What if you don’t know how to play Teen Patti, though? If you are a Teen Patti newbie, how long will it take to learn the game? Fortunately, we’ve got the answers for you. In this gambling guide, Teen Patti is handled front and centre.

We’ll look at how the game is played and the Indian casinos that offer the game. We’ll leave no stone unturned to bring you the very best Teen Patti advice and betting sites. In fact, why don’t we start there? Let’s begin by looking at the top Indian betting sites you can sign up to.

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Our team has personally checked and vetted each of the best betting sites. Rather than merely recommending the major domains, our team has explored what each has to offer. Only if we’ve been content with their ability to offer fair, secure, and safe Teen Patti games do we recommend them. Without further ado, let’s introduce you to the top Teen Patti casinos in India. They include:

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How to Play at Indian Casinos

Do you know how to play Teen Patti at Indian casinos? If not, you needn’t worry. We are here to help.

Teen Patti is a classic Indian card game that isn’t much different from its Western counterpart, poker. In online Teen Patti, there may be one or more players. When playing in RNG (random number generator) games, those players will be AI. In live dealer games, they could be real human players or AI. Some RNG games feature just you and the dealer. Either way, the method of playing the game remains largely the same.

To begin with, Indians must place an Ante bet. Move your chips into the betting circle, and you will be dealt three cards. Those cards will appear face down. If you want to look at your cards, you’ll need to bet at least twice the Ante. This is known as “playing seen”. Alternatively, you can choose not to look at the cards and “play blind”. If you want to play blind, you only need to match the initial Ante bet. If it is just you versus the dealer, you will see the value of the Ante bet.

Every player at the table will decide whether to bet or fold like in the Blackjack game for instance. Seen players must wager more than blind ones to stay in. The betting will continue around the table until there are only two players left.

teen patti live game rule
Teen Patti Live Game Rules

The Card and Hand Rankings in Teen Patti – Explained

You aren’t betting blindly in Teen Patti. The cards do have rankings. It is important that you become familiar with these hands, as they will ultimately decide your fate. Hands are known as “sequences” in Teen Patti.

Bear in mind that there can often be several names for the same sequence or hand. Your three-card sequence will ultimately be one of the following:

  • Trail/Set: The best sequence possible. It is essentially a three-of-a-kind or three cards of the same value.
  • Pure Sequence: Ultimately, this is akin to a straight flush, having three consecutive cards in the same suit.
  • Sequence/Run: This hand is basically a straight or three sequential cards but in different suits.
  • Colour: These cards will not run in sequence, but they are in the same suit. This is the same as a flush in poker.
  • Pair: As its name suggests, this simple hand merely required you to have at least two cards of an identical value. It doesn’t matter what the third card is.
  • High Card: The final sequence you can have is known as a High Card. This typically means a Jack, Queen, King, or Ace in poker. In Teen Patti, it is effectively the highest card you have in your hand – whatever that happens to be.

Of course, there are odds and probabilities to consider in Teen Patti. In the next section, we’ll discuss those, along with how to win. Don’ like this game? Of course we covered other game too like Andar Bahar or Lottery Games.

How to Win at Teen Patti

The objective in Teen Patti is to finish the game with the best hand or sequence from those listed above.

When there are only two players left, one of them can choose to “show”. When this happens, the two remaining players (or you and the dealer) will show your hands. The player (or dealer) with the strongest hand will win the pot. On occasion, everybody may fold bar one player. In this event, the player who doesn’t fold will automatically win the pot.

Teen Patti is not a fixed odds game, so you will receive winnings worth whatever is in the pot. That said, there are still probabilities and odds to consider. Here is the probability and frequency data you need to play Teen Patti and Indian casinos.

  • You have a 0.24% chance of landing a trail or set in Teen Patti.
  • The odds of landing a pure sequence sit at a lowly 0.22%, worse than a trail or set.
  • Teen Patti gives you odds of 3.26% for a sequence or run.
  • You have a 4.96% chance of landing a colour sequence from the start.
  • There is a 16.94% chance of landing a pair in Teen Patti.
  • Players can expect to land a high card 74.39% of the time.

Teen Patti Variants You May Wish to Try at Indian Casinos

Indian casinos can support all sorts of games like CasinoDays or ComeOn. Teen Patti is one of those that can be found in different iterations. These are known as variants. Each has a slight twist on the basic RTP rate, house edge and rules. Some are more advantageous to play than conventional Teen Patti, and some are not. Let’s look at the most commonly available Teen Patti variants below. They include:

  • 2-3-5: This game uses the 2-3-5- sequence as a bonus hand. It acts as a pure sequence (0.24% probability).
  • Muflis: An Indian classic, this reverses the order of the hands. In short, the player with the worst hand will be the winner. Three aces (Muflis) is considered the worst (and, therefore, the best) hand, though.
  • Joker: One additional card is dealt face up after the deal. The other three cards of that rank will become wilds/jokers for any player who holds them.
  • Best of Four: Here, players receive four cards instead of three. Everything else about the game is the same as normal.
  • Live Teen Patti: This variant is virtually no different than other Teen Patti games. However, it is played with a live dealer, as you might have imagined.
live dealer teen patti ezugi
Live Dealer at Teen Patti Game by Ezugi

Top Tips for Betting on Teen Patti Online

Before betting on Teen Patti on new casino sites for Indian players, pay attention to our top tips and advice. These can help you avoid making simple mistakes when playing at casinos in the subcontinent. Our top tips include:

  • If you are playing with a seen hand, and your hand isn’t particularly strong, folding is advised.
  • Blind players must bet 1x or 2x the current stake in each round. Seen players must wager 2x or 4x the Ante.
  • Betting will continue around the table for as long as is necessary to get to a showdown. Steel yourself for a long run-in, and don’t be afraid to fold early.
  • Think cleverly when betting on Teen Patti. Don’t become too excited by seemingly high cards. Think about what you’ve got and try to read what others may be carrying.
  • Don’t always play the same betting strategy. Your opponents can figure you out, so it is ideal to mix things up and fold occasionally.
  • Know the odds and probability of each sequence. This will greatly help you understand how likely you are to walk away with a win in Teen Patti.

Claim Teen Patti Bonuses at Indian Casinos

Most top Indian casinos support table game bonuses and promotions. However, not all of them are valid on Teen Patti. We encourage readers to check the terms and conditions of any Indian casino bonus they intend on claiming. There will often be a small section in the terms and conditions that details game eligibility.

This will tell you what you can use an Indian casino bonus on. Note that welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and live casino bonuses are usually valid for Teen Patti. Our casino reviews will highlight this where possible.

Join India’s Best Teen Patti Casinos and Betting Sites Today

As mentioned, our team regularly plays at Indian casinos. We also review these sites. Also we don’t represent any casinos that we do not believe act fairly or offer value-for-money games. We can safely say that when you play with our casinos, you are joining the best and safest Indian casinos.

Now that you’re ready to bet don’t hesitate to check out our top casino reviews. We promise you that you’ll find ideal venues for playing Teen Patti online from India.

FAQS – We Answer Your Teen Patti Questions

Before you start betting on Teen Patti, we encourage you to check out this FAQ guide. Don’t let any questions go unanswered by seeing if we can help you today.

Do Teen Patti players get to take another card when betting?

No. The three cards you are dealt at the beginning are the only cards you are going to receive. Of course, if you play a Teen Patti variant, the rules will be slightly different.

Can I play Teen Patti without other human players?

Of course. Some Teen Patti games will involve you and the dealer, but most use AI players to keep the action realistic.

What is the best hand you can have in Teen Patti?

Unless you are playing a variant, the best hand you can have is a trail/set. Oddly enough, a pure sequence is more difficult to land, though

Can I play live Teen Patti at Indian online casinos?

You can. In fact, most of the major software providers behind live dealer games have a title or two. Evolution Gaming, for instance, is renowned as a major provider of live dealer Teen Patti games.

Do all Indian casinos offer Teen Patti?

Most of them do, but we would hesitate to say, “all of them”. Indian casinos that are optimised to cater to players in the subcontinent usually do. Offshore casinos that are aimed at Americans but accept Indians usually won’t support Teen Patti.

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