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Your Guide to Cricket Betting Sites in India

Watching cricket may as well be a national pastime in India. Where does betting on cricket fall, though? While popular, not every Indian wagers on the game, or at all. There is still a substantial enough market of millions of Indians for sportsbooks to cater to, though. Betting on cricket is always made easier if you stand a reasonable chance of winning. It is more appealing. Is there any way that you can get closer to winning more frequently?

While there is no way to pocket guaranteed wins, there are ways to ensure that you stand a better chance. This is done by utilising cricket betting tips. You don’t have to scour the net looking for these cricket betting tips, either. We’ve got them right here, and they are ready for you to use when betting online.

Join Indian Betting Sites as we explore some top cricket betting tips in this guide. We’ll begin by introducing you to some top places to play. After all, what’s the point in using cricket tips if your sportsbook is dodgy? Any of our recommended cricket betting sites should prove just the ticket for Indian bettors.

Join Our Top Cricket Betting Sites

One of the best pieces of cricket betting advice we have to offer you concerns where to play. You should only ever choose to play at trusted, reliable sportsbooks. We’ve put together a top list of trusted cricket betting sites, and they include:

Cricket Betting Sites
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Can I Really Trust Cricket Gambling Tips?

The big question is – can you really trust cricket betting tips? After all, there are so many fraudsters and scammers out there trying to make a quick buck. How do you know that you can trust cricket tips? The level of trust you can put into cricket betting tips is largely down to the advice given.

Let’s say that a website says you should wager on Team A to beat Team B. The website claims that they are sure to beat them. You can naturally raise an eyebrow. How could this site possibly know this? Live cricket is a sporting contest. It is one where the result is determined hundreds or thousands of miles away on a field. We’d take any such cricket betting tips with a pinch of salt.

However, there are cricket betting tips out there that are more generic but more useful. You’ll also find the “advice” of a tipster helpful. These will “point you in the right direction” of a winner but freely admit they could be wrong. This is a lot more truthful than a “dead cert”.

The truth is that you aren’t really going to know if you can trust any cricket betting tips. Ultimately, it will come down to how successful you end up. If you win frequently, you’re always going to believe that cricket betting tips are more real than if you lose.

The Difference Between Tips and Predictions

As touched on above, there are key differences between cricket tips and predictions. It is important that you understand those differences lest you end up losing. Here is what you need to know about both these options:

Cricket tips are not advice on particular matches or leagues. Instead, these involve the handing out of generic advice and general things to do and not to do. This might seem rather self-explanatory advice to some cricket bettors. However, if you aren’t in the know, then such advice is rather useful.

Cricket predictions are not general advice but an opinion on which team will win a match or a competition. Some cricket predictions can be taken to the bank, but most are just gibberish and utter nonsense. It can be exceptionally difficult to differentiate between the two.

Certified tipsters are generally the only people you should trust to dole out the predictions. These are often mathematicians and sports fans to boot. They have immense data archives to fall back on. Clearly, they will scour the internet for the best odds and tastiest promo deals. Also they will then inform paying customers what the best bets to make are. They are seldom offering their advice freely, and they fully admit that things won’t always pan out.

However, the upfront nature of tipsters (and their success rate) can be valuable. We’d always suggest avoiding any have-a-go predictor who is often merely making stuff up. Some may even be scammers.

Know Your Cricket Events

We have our own cricket advice for you, too. One of the most important things we recommend to our readers is that you immerse yourself in cricket. Get to know the different competitions out there and study the teams. You should have an intimate knowledge of teams, histories, previous results, and squads. This is a lot of homework (and we do mean a lot of homework). However, it is the only way that you can become a cricket betting pro yourself without the use of tipsters.

Watching cricket is arguably going to occupy the most time. You don’t just want to watch “your team”, either. You’re going to need to watch as many cricket matches as you possibly can. The more you watch, the better your predicting skills will be. At the same time, you’re going to need to trawl through old data, records, and histories. This will help you become an anorak on the sport. Don’t be shy about taking notes – all the pro cricket bettors do.

Understand the Lingo

The next piece of advice we have for you is to learn the lingo. Cricket betting is a lot more challenging if you aren’t familiar with the terms. Not only should you study how the games work and learn about the teams, but you should also learn the language. If you don’t know what bowlers, overs, wickets, and the like mean, you won’t get far.

Again, merely watching a few rounds of cricket is the best medicine here. You should quickly pick up what everything means by listening to the commentary. However, the internet is a massive resource for learning. A few Wikipedia entries here or Google searches there, and you could learn everything you need to know. At the same time, we’d also advocate learning betting terminology. This can help you spot opportunities and avoid mistakes when gambling on cricket in India.

Top Tips for Betting on Cricket in India

Simply telling Indian players to learn about cricket is, perhaps, not as helpful as you might expect. Therefore, some Indian bettors may feel as though they need to be pointing in the right direction. Here, then, are a few of the top things to consider when learning about stats and cricket. Be sure to pay special attention to:

  • The venue a match is being played at is important. Never underestimate the damage a home crowd can do to an opponent’s morale.
  • Form is hugely important. Is there anything riding on this cricket match? If not, then the chances are that a team won’t be as motivated. If there is, they are likely to give everything.
  • Trawl over old data and study teams’ matches. Look for strengths and weaknesses. Is one team stronger at batting or bowling? These are the sorts of things you should look for.
  • Injuries in cricket are rarer than in, say, football. However, injured players are something to consider before betting on a match.
  • As mentioned, look a lot into the history of the two teams. Their head-to-head record may not be as important as you think. However, recent results between two teams can sometimes be rather telling.

Stick to the Cardinal Rules of Sports Betting

As you might imagine, not all cricket betting tips are actually related to cricket. Sometimes, general sports betting advice can be useful for a wealth of sports bets. You’ll find some super general sports betting tips and advice you can use when betting on cricket below.

  • Watch, study, make notes and learn. The best way to understand cricket and its competitors is to get involved. Become a fan. Betting on cricket without being a fan is futile. There are better ways to splash your cash than cricket betting if you aren’t a fan.
  • Becoming a fan is also important for another reason. You’re far less likely to become angry and frustrated if you lose if you’re a fan. If you don’t understand heads or tails, you’re going to get annoyed, and you’re more likely to lose.
  • Don’t be afraid to keep a logbook and make notes about games. Many of the best cricket bettors do this. Having a little black book (or something similar) that you can keep tabs on when in need is ideal.
  • We strongly recommend using sportsbook odds calculators and comparison charts. There are sites out there that offer this service. This way, you can compare the odds for matches at many bookies at once. This enables you to get the best deal without consulting a tipster.
  • You are free to open accounts at several bookmakers. Doing so is ideal if you want to constantly bet on the best odds. They won’t always appear at the same bookie, after all.

Join India’s Best Cricket Betting Sites Today

Now that you know a fair about cricket betting tips, you may feel ready to play. If so, where should you begin? Our gambling team has put together a top array of cricket betting sites for Indians. These represent some of the most trusted and reputable bookmakers in India. Our team has fully vetted each to ensure that it is certified as fair. We strongly suggest you check out our leading Indian cricket betting sites. After doing so, feel free to put our cricket betting tips to good use.

FAQS – Your Questions About Cricket Betting Tips Answered

If you still have questions surrounding cricket betting, we’re happy to help. Don’t hesitate to check this brief FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide for more advice on the game.

Do cricket betting tips guarantee wins?

No. Cricket is a real sport played out on a field between players. There is no way you can guarantee a result unless you partake in the game and throw the match. That’s illegal. Although they can’t guarantee a win, cricket betting tips do help you improve your chances of landing one.

Do I have to pay to seek the advice of a tipster?

Normally, yes. There are a few have-a-go- tipsters out there offering advice. However, why would they dole out something for free if it is so valuable? The best tipsters do a lot of work to come to their conclusions, and they’ll charge you for it.

Will conventional sports betting advice apply here?

Yes. Most of the best advice regarding cricket betting tips can actually be applied to other sports. Most sports betting advice is a one size fits all kind of affair. You can take what you’ve learned elsewhere and apply it here.

Do bookmakers offer cricket betting tips?

Some do, yes. However, bookmakers are always going to try to herd Indian players into betting the way that they want you to. We wouldn’t always say that their advice is the best out there.

Should I bet with accumulators?

Again, this is something that you are going to need to decide for yourself. On the one hand, betting with accumulators could see you win sizeable sums. However, there is every chance that one or more of your bets will fail. That will see you lose the ACCA.

Are early cashouts a good idea when betting on cricket?

We don’t find that cricket bets are as volatile as football matches. In the latter, a single goal can change the course of a match. It usually takes more for the destiny of a cricket match to change. Therefore, we don’t often see the point in early cashouts for cricket matches.

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