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Your Guide to IPL Betting in India

Betting on cricket is commonplace amongst Indian gamblers. Of all the cricket events they can possibly wager on, IPL betting is, of course, the most popular. As the home of Indian cricket, the IPL attracts quite a crowd. However, the Indian Premier League isn’t the only major event punters can have a crack at.

Indian cricket betting is such a popular field that there are thousands of selections and markets. The IPL betting genre alone has more choices for you to make than you might believe. However, if you’re new to betting on the IPL in India, you may not know what your options are.

This is where we come in. Join us at Indian Betting Sites as we explain the IPL. We’ll discuss how it works, how to find the best Indian betting sites, and look at the available bets. We’ll also provide you with a few top tips, discuss other popular events, and tell you where to play. Finally, our team will wrap it all up with a handy, easy-to-read FAQ guide.

If you’re ready to begin your adventure betting on the IPL, read our guide to continue. Let’s start by checking out some of the most popular betting sites in India below.

Join Our Top IPL Betting Sites

Obviously, if you want to bet on the IPL then you need IPL betting sites. Where should you begin? There are so many betting options out there that things can initially feel confusing. Fortunately, we’ve got the perfect list of top IPL betting sites for Indian players. Any of these recommended sites should work a treat:

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What Is the IPL?

If you are new to cricket wagering in India, you may not know what the IPL is. That’s okay – we’re here to help. The IPL, explained simply, stands for the Indian Premier League.

First founded in 2008, this is the premier cricket competition in India. Based on Twenty20 (T20) cricket, it is run between March and May every year. With a total value of over $6.2 billion, it is the most profitable sport in India, with 31.5 million annual viewers, up by 23% from just a few years ago.

How Does the Indian Premier League Work?

The Indian Premier League used to use a round robin format. That was replaced by a group system and playoffs, similar to American sports in 2011. Held between March and May annually, it is contested by ten teams. Again, like in American sports, these teams are known as franchises/brands.

The Indian league is considered to be one of the leading cricket competitions in the world. The IPL teams are divided into groups of five. The top four teams will then move into the playoffs. The top two teams face off, with the winner going to the final. The loser faces the winner of the third and fourth teams (who also compete against one another). The winner of the IPL Final is declared the winner of the competition.

How to Find the Best IPL Gambling Sites

The Indian Premier League is a selectable betting market at virtually all major sportsbooks and betting sites in India. Furthermore, the league is so popular that you’ll find it represented in most international domains, too.

You don’t have to look far for a sportsbook offering the league. Even so, there are other criteria to look for if you want to ensure that you’re betting at the best sites. For instance, we strongly recommend that you only play at sites that accept Indian rupees. Furthermore, any promos and bonuses they support should be India-friendly. Finally, we would recommend that they support India-friendly payment options. This means NetBanking, PayTM, RuPay and others.

Naturally, you’re also going to want your Indian sportsbooks to be licensed and certified. These sites should be regulated to a high degree. If they also provide casino games, those games should be RNG (random number generator) certified. Adherence to responsible gambling policies and the offering of such tools is required, too.

While it is not mandatory, an Indian sportsbook may provide live, in-play betting and live streaming of cricket matches. Naturally, those would be an advantage.

You can expect to see most of these features at our trusted Indian bookmakers. If you want to engage in IPL betting at the best sites, then scroll up to our list. Our team has put each through laborious tests to ensure that they are the cream of the crop. We only represent the best IPL betting sites in India, and you have our word on that.

Common Types of IPL Bets

After you’ve decided to wager on the Indian Premier League, you need to decide what to bet on. Many of the IPL betting options are the same as you’ll find in other cricket competitions. However, if you don’t know what they are, we’re here to help. We’ll introduce you to some of the most notable and popular types of IPL cricket bets below. They include:

  • Match Winner: This is about as straightforward a bet as it is possible to get. Here, you are betting on the outright winner of a match. You are betting on the franchise that wins a single match.
  • Match Handicap: A match handicap is an attempt to even the odds between heavy favourites and underdogs. With a handicap, a favourite will win if they score X runs. Alternatively, an underdog can win if they don’t lose by more than X runs.
  • Coin Toss Winner: Another straightforward bet – this one is based on who wins the coin toss, just as its name suggests.
  • Total Wickets: A bet on the total number of wickets taken in a single match by either one team or both.
  • Top Batsman: A bet on the batsman that scores the most runs in a cricket match.
  • Top Bowler: A wager on the bowler that hits the most wickets during a cricket match.
  • Player Performance: Specialised bets covering various elements of a match. These can vary from site to site.
  • 1st Over Total Runs: The number of total runs achieved in the first over a match. Naturally, you can switch the bet from the first over to the second and so on.
  • Man of the Match: A wager that one player will become the man of the match.
  • Futures: A stake on a team or player doing “something” in the future. For instance, a future bet may involve betting on a franchise to win the IPL.
  • Outrights: A bet on a winner – of any kind. This could be a match or the league. It is called outright because all they must do is win for you to pocket a prize. No other criteria are important.
  • Over/Unders: With an over/under bet, you are wagering that something specific will happen. For instance, your team will score so many runs more (or less) than the bookie believes.
  • Totals: Totals represent a broad array of betting options. In most cases, these are bets on something happening a total number of times. For instance, you could bet that Player A will achieve 50 runs. You can get quite nice odds with totals.

Top Tips for IPL Betting at Indian Sportsbooks

Before you shoot off to bet on cricket, we have some top advice and tips to share with you. Before betting on the Indian Premier League, you may wish to check the following things:

  • Pay attention to the venue the match is taking place at. Some venues can be quite hostile for the away team. Home advantage is not to be underestimated.
  • Form can be everything. If there is nothing riding on a match, it can go either way. However, if there is a championship battle at stake, expect teams to put in an extra shift.
  • Some teams are stronger than others. Look at which franchise has the best batsman or the best bowler. This will help you gauge who is more likely to win.
  • Injuries are less frequent in IPL betting than in, say, football, tennis, or rugby. However, they are still something you may wish to factor into your decision making.
  • Finally, don’t just assume that because a team has a poor head-to-head record with another that they’ll lose. Current form and recent results are far more important than any matches played fifteen seasons ago.

Other Popular Cricket Matches You Can Bet On

What do you do when the IPL is out of season? You needn’t worry – there are plenty of other cricket events for you to join. For instance, you can expect to get involved in games that include international T20 cricket. Bangladeshi, West Indies, Pakistani and English cricket competitions are options, too.

Join India’s Best IPL Betting Sites Today

Now that you know what’s available, you might think that it is time to start betting on cricket? If so, you have come to the right place. On this page, you’ll find a host of top India-friendly cricket betting sites. These are all top domains offering IPL betting to the masses.

Our team has reviewed every site. We’ve spent time there, wagering on their selections and markets. Only once we were fully satisfied that these sites were fair did we decide to recommend them. Scroll up to see our top selection of IPL betting sites open to players in India today.

FAQS – Your Questions About IPL Betting Answered

Before you get started, don’t hesitate to check out this brief FAQ guide on cricket betting. We’ve tried to answer as many popular IPL betting questions as possible here. They include:

Is betting on the IPL like wagering on other cricket events?

Yes. The array of bets you can find when IPL betting is largely the same bets found in other events. If you’re used to one type, you should be able to wager in many other events.

Can I bet on the IPL with Indian rupees?

Most certainly. Any Indian betting site that covers the IPL will accept Indian rupees. This will naturally make it a lot easier for you to bet on games at these betting sites.

Is it only Indian sportsbooks that offer IPL bets?

Absolutely not. If you don’t fancy signing up at an Indian betting site and prefer international sites, that is okay. There are many top international sportsbooks and bookmakers that facilitate Indian Premier League cricket betting.

Can I use tips and advice when betting on the IPL?

Yes, and no. There are certain gambling tips you can use to improve your decision-making process. Moreover, tipsters can also provide advice on what matches to bet on and where to do it. However, there is no such thing as a guaranteed winning strategy for IPL betting.

How can I get better at predicting IPL matches?

Our advice is to watch and pay attention to cricket matches. The IPL is only in season from March to May, and that’s a short timeframe. Watch as many previous seasons’ matches as you can to educate yourself on the game.

Can I watch IPL games at Indian sportsbooks?

Some Indian sportsbooks provide live streaming of cricket events. Others do not. Simply check our reviews and choose one that does to watch IPL matches online when betting.

Do all Indian bookmakers and betting sites offer IPL betting?

We should think so. Given that cricket is such a major sport in India, it would be nothing short of ridiculous if they didn’t. Put it this way – we’ve never seen an Indian bookmaker or betting site not offer IPL betting.

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