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Your Guide to the Best Betting Sites in India

Indians have access to a wealth of online casino sites and sportsbooks. What is a betting site, though? Falling somewhere between a full-on sportsbook or a complete online casino, betting sites offer you the best of both. These sites are not wholly dedicated to either one form of gambling or another. Instead, they like to give Indian players options when gambling.

There are many of these halfway house betting sites available for Indians. Some of the best-known Indian gambling domains, such as Leo Vegas, are effectively betting sites. If you’re eager to find out what they can offer you today, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll even look at the specifics aimed at Indians in this article. Join us as we explore Indian gambling sites today. Let’s begin by showcasing a few of these top sites recommended by Indian Betting Sites to you right now.

Join Our Top Indian Betting Sites

Our team knows what makes a great Indian betting site. They’ve spent years analysing these sites to gauge which ones are the best. Here is our take on the very best recommended Indian betting sites:

Betting Sites
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What Is a Betting Site?

As touched on above, a betting site falls somewhere between an online casino and a sportsbook. It isn’t fully fledged or geared towards one of these options more than the other. Any online sportsbook that offers casino games, bingo, lottery, or maybe even other games could be a betting site. Similarly, an online casino that has a small offering of sports betting selections may be deemed a betting site. If they cater to players in India, they can rightly be called Indian betting sites.

This is, of course, the simple explanation. There is much more to Indian betting sites than meets the eye, and we’re here to walk you through them. Let’s start then by exploring how you might find the best Indian betting sites out there.

How to Choose the Best Indian Betting Site

The quickest way for you to get to grips with our Indian betting site is to check out our reviews. As touched on, our team regularly reviews Indian betting sites. Any which don’t make the cut will fall by the wayside. However, those sites that we deem to be top domains will be reviewed and recommended to you.

We have a strict process for reviewing Indian betting sites. Only if they score highly in most (if not all) of our criteria will they pass our test. We don’t recommend sites that don’t fit the bill, so Indians needn’t worry. Of course, it is possible for you to seek out the very best Indian gambling sites yourself. To do this, you merely need to know what to look for. We’re here to help you with that.

The very best Indian betting sites will all offer top bonuses. They will support great casino games and fair sports betting odds. They will also offer reliable customer support, carry promising promos with fair Ts and Cs and have fast transaction times. With our reviews, you won’t need to read the small print on each bonus and promo; we’ve done that for you. However, there’s nothing stopping Indians from doing the legwork themselves.

To better explain what we mean (and what we look for), let’s look at some of these criteria next. We’ll start with casino bonuses at top Indian gamble sites.

Betting Site Bonuses Explained

After registering at a top Indian betting site, you will be able to claim a bonus. However, how valuable a welcome bonus is, depends on its terms and conditions, not just its cash sum. For instance, wagering requirements play a huge role here. What’s the point in claiming a hefty welcome bonus if you’re going to be subject to a 50x playthrough rate? Ideally, you want the wagering requirements to be on the low side. However, you’ll also want good value for money.

The very best Indian betting sites will support offers that have low minimum deposit limits. Wager caps will be modest and win caps will be non-existent or at least exceptionally high. The same should be true of withdrawal caps. When you decide to play at our recommended Indian casino sites, we guarantee that the bonuses are worth it. Another term and condition you’re going to want to keep an eye out for is game eligibility. In short, what you can use your bonus on. Maximum win caps, maximum stake limits, expiration dates and promo codes are also worth noting down at casinos.

It is also worth noting that betting sites are likely to have both casino and sports-related bonuses. You aren’t likely to be able to wager on both games with the same offer. Therefore, it is worth deciding which deal is more advantageous to you. Our top recommended Indian betting sites will have you covered either way, though.

Great Games and Super Sports Betting Options

Betting sites worth their salt will carry a top selection of casino games and sports betting options under one roof. For instance, we wouldn’t be surprised to see any of the following options in recommended domains:

  • Slots Aplenty: You should regularly expect to see over 500 slot machines supported at Indian betting sites. Some domains even cough up as many as 2,000+ titles. Ultimately, the more developers that are represented, the more slots you can choose from. These slot machines could consist of a myriad of different genres. For instance, we would want to see classic slots, 3D slots, jackpot slots, MegaWays games and more. Cluster Pays titles, Hold and Win games and fruit machines wouldn’t go amiss. You should be able to break down your search for slots based on their theme, features, wagering ranges, prize, and other categories.
  • Two Types of Table Games: Online casinos typically support two types of table games. The same “should” be true for Indian betting sites. We want to see both live dealer and RNG (random number generator) table games represented at betting sites. Of course, these games should comprise a top array of titles and be as realistic as possible. We would want to see blackjack, baccarat, and roulette at the very least. We would also expect craps, table poker games and other dice-based titles at the very best Indian betting sites.
  • Super Sports Selections and Markets: Having reliable odds is one thing, but you also want to see an array of selections and markets to choose from. These should include popular Indian markets such as cricket, football, and kabaddi. However, having access to worldwide sports isn’t going to hurt, either. The bigger the sports betting site, the more we would come to expect of them. For instance, sites with a considerable array of selections should also offer different ways to bet. Live, in-play betting is one option we’d like to see. Early cashout options, accumulators and live streaming are other possibilities. All would brighten the experience you can have at a top betting site.
  • Other Gambling Games: Other games and gambling options may also be present at betting sites. For instance, some offer bingo and lottery games, and others provide video titles to the masses. Some betting sites offer instant win titles and scratch cards, fixed odds, and instant win games. Others provide cryptocurrency gambling options. Read our reviews to discover what each of our recommended Indian betting sites offers.

Finally, it is worth noting that not all betting sites may offer the full complement of goodies found at sportsbooks. For instance, they may not offer live streaming or early cashout options. They may also be short of a few markets. This is true for casino options, too. For instance, Indian betting sites may lack a few of the software providers you’d commonly see at dedicated casino sites. In both cases, you’ll still get a top selection of options to choose from at Indian betting sites.

Fast, Reliable, Safe Transactions

Cashing out your winnings or depositing at a casino should be straightforward. The same is true for sportsbooks. Given this, there is no reason why depositing and withdrawing at Indian betting sites should be any different.

Generally speaking, we can break down what Indian betting sites should offer here in five simple rules. They include:

  • You do not want to have to wait to get hold of your winnings
  • Indian players should be able to deposit and withdraw using Indian rupees
  • No fees should be applied for deposits or withdrawals
  • We want to see high maximum withdrawal limits, allowing you to cash out whatever you win
  • Transaction times should be as close to 24 hours as possible, if not instantaneous

This may sound as though we are asking quite a lot. However, even the most modest of Indian betting sites should be able to facilitate these requirements. In fact, we’d say that you have to try hard to find an Indian site not offering these terms. We’d look more specifically at what Indian players will want to see in a few moments.

Customer Support When You Need It

If you require customer support when playing, you should be able to obtain it at any time. Of course, the languages you can reach support in will vary from site to site. The most common method of support is live chat, and we look for this in our sites. We want to see 24/7 live chat support at Indian betting sites that we recommend.

E-mail support options aren’t bad things to have, but e-mail replies can take up to 24 hours. Telephone assistance is seldom toll-free at Indian betting sites, so we’re not that concerned about this. However, we do believe that the best Indian gambling sites will also offer an FAQ guide. These allow you to seek out answers to questions yourself and with ease.

Security and Safety at Indian Betting Sites

As touched on earlier, safety and security at betting sites are of paramount importance. We expect to see all our Indian betting sites licensed and regulated. We’re not just talking about bit-part licences, either. Our sites are protected by some of the most desirable licences, such as those issued by the MGA and UKGC. This is because these licensing bodies also heavily regulate betting sites.

Alongside licensing, we expect our Indian betting sites to go the extra mile and offer responsible gambling tools. These will allow you to adjust your deposit caps and wagering limits. They may also provide you with problem gambling assistance or have goodies such as reality checks and histories. These are all the sorts of things we look for before recommending Indian betting sites to you.

Mobile Gambling on the Go at the Best Betting Sites in India

Finally, we would like to touch on mobile betting in India. Indian betting sites are typically developed in HTML5. This means that you should be able to play there using nothing more than your phone’s web browser. However, some may also provide gambling apps for you to explore.

If your betting site offers a gambling app, then you need to check its compatibility. Some are iOS and Android compatible. However, some only run with one operating system or the other, most likely the latter.

Mobile betting sites have apps that can be downloaded from app stores or downloaded via software packages or QR codes. Each betting site has its own method of delivery, so look this up beforehand.

India-Specific Features to Look for In Betting Sites

As we’ve touched on throughout this piece, there are some features that favour Indians more than others. What are they? To better help you find the ideal sites you’re looking for, let us run over the hallmarks one more time.

When selecting the best Indian betting site, you’re going to want to be certain of a few things. Firstly, your site should offer English language gameplay, or Hindi if you require it. Secondly, you should be able to deposit, wager and withdraw using Indian rupees. Finally, customer support should also be available in your language and be readily accessible. This means live chat, speedy e-mail or another rapid response option that is free of charge for Indians.

Indian betting sites don’t have to carry a wealth of sports and casino games. However, they do have to offer the types of titles you want to play. If this means that you want to see more casino games than sports options, so be it. Whatever your preference, there should be no shortage of selections and markets, or games from casino developers. You can check our reviews before you decide to sign up at such a site to be sure.

Payment Options for Indians

We would also recommend you double check the payment options. Some Indian casinos do not specialise in offering India-friendly payment options. Instead, they merely support the usual array of globally popular, international options. You really want to see some India-specific options like PayTM, NetBanking, and so on. These not only ensure that INR can be used, but that you won’t be charged added fees, like conversion rates.

Finally, let us briefly discuss bonuses and promos once more. We should say that any Indian betting site should make its promos open to Indians. Many of the mainstream websites use “international domains”. These are the same for everyone. Unfortunately, this means that some of the promos and bonuses offered may not be suitable for Indians. You want to avoid this eventuality. Be sure that you check the Ts and Cs to see if a bonus is India-friendly. Once more, you can save yourself the time by checking our reviews.

Join India’s Best Online Betting Sites Today

While it is possible to take our advice and find your own sites, our reviews will save you time. Scroll up our top Indian betting site list to peruse the options we recommend. Each of our sites is a trusted and reliable member of the online gambling world. We can guarantee that they are safe and secure to play at. We can’t say the same if you go it alone.

Our team has spent a long time playing at each Indian betting site. They can gauge how reliable an Indian betting site is by checking its services. We compare them with other Indian sites and see how they stack up. Any site that doesn’t perform admirably won’t make it onto our list. Only the highest scoring Indian casinos and sportsbooks will become recommended betting sites.

We know what makes a top betting site, and we’re committed to ensuring that you find them. Don’t hesitate to check our list of top betting sites to find the best in the businesses. Each of the sites we recommend fulfils most (if not all) of the criteria mentioned throughout this article.

FAQS – Your Questions About Betting Sites Answered

Not everybody will be satisfied with what they’ve learned. It is understandable if you still have lingering thoughts, questions, or queries. Thankfully, if you still have questions about top Indian betting sites, we’re here to help. Here are the questions we can answer for you in our FAQ guide:

Do betting sites offer both sports betting and casino gambling options?

Most of them will do – yes. If they don’t offer both sports and casino options, then they are either a dedicated casino or a sportsbook. These are not the types of sites you will find represented here on this page.

How many games can I play at betting sites?

That depends. Some betting sites focus more heavily on sports, so the array of casino games will be fewer than a casino. Others focus more on casino games, so the array of sports selections will be fewer than at a sportsbook. You’re looking for the sweet spot here.

Do betting sites offer live, in-play betting?

They may do – it will depend on where you play. The betting sites that do will tend to be the ones leaning slightly more towards sports than casino games. However, it is not impossible to find such sites on our list.

Do all betting sites accept Indian players?

No. However, you won’t need to worry about this at all. We’ve made sure that we’ve highlighted the sites that accept Indians. All our recommended betting sites are India-friendly.

Can I wager on the go at Indian betting sites?

Yes. If an Indian betting site doesn’t have its own app, it will be developed in HTML5. This platform makes the betting site playable with nothing more than your phone’s browser.

Is it possible to play in Hindi or Tamil at Indian betting sites?

Once more, this is something that each Indian betting site will decide for itself. At some sites, this is possible. However, since you’re reading this page, we can assume that English is not trouble. All sites offer English gameplay.

Can I trust Indian betting sites?

Assuming an Indian betting site is licensed and regulated, then there is no reason for you not to trust it. Stick to our recommended Indian betting sites, and you can rest assured that they are safe, licensed, regulated and approved.

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