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Your Guide to Sports Betting in India

Sports betting is one of the internet betting world’s top activities. There is plenty, whether you fancy trying your hand at football betting, cricket, or even horse racing. Sports betting isn’t just possible at India’s leading sportsbooks, either. Many casino sites in India offer sports betting as a side option.

Betting on sports is easily something that will appeal to some Indian players and not everyone. However, there are perks if you’re a big bettor. The ability to wager on casino games and sports bets alike isn’t to be missed. What is the point of gambling on sports though, and what can it offer you? Join us as we explore why sports betting at trusted online betting sites could be for you.

Therefore, allow us to begin by showcasing some of the very best online sportsbooks open to Indians. We at Indian Betting Sites compiled a list of these sites, analysed them and reviewed them. You’ll find everything you need right here. Let’s get stuck in.

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What Is Online Sports Betting?

We’re sure we don’t have to be too descriptive here. We’re confident that Indian bettors know what betting on sports entails. It is, of course, the act of wagering on your favourite sports teams. There is more to it than that, though. Allow us to explain…

Every online sportsbook you come across will feature a host of markets and selections. These equate to the types of sporting events and bets you can make. While not every sportsbook supports the same sports matches, most do. Even then, the odds will likely differ from event to event. You want to find the very best odds on the events that tickle you. That’s a possibility when you decide to play at one of our represented Indian sportsbooks.

Available Sports Betting Markets for Indian Players

As touched on above, there are different sports betting markets at varying sites. Some will put their focus on cricket, and others may choose football. Some sportsbooks opt to support kabaddi, and some do not cover this option. Generally speaking, significant events can appear at most betting sites. For instance, sports gambling on golf, football, cricket, tennis, American sports, motor racing, rugby, boxing, hockey appear everywhere. However, some Indian sports betting sites may offer oddities such as wrestling, politics or reality television.

Each sports betting site will decide how invested it wants to be in each market. For instance, Sportsbook A might support 10,000 weekly bets spanning sixty football leagues worldwide. It may only have fifty or see cricket bets available. By contrast, Sportsbook B may have 10,000 weekly bets spanning cricket and just fifty football bets. You will need to peruse our sports betting sites to find an ideal one for you. You will need to do this before you commit to signing up at one of them.

About Live, In-Play Betting and Streaming

As we’ve hinted at throughout this article, not every Indian sports betting site is the same. While most of the best offer in-play betting options, not all permit streaming. By betting on an already underway match, you can get alternative odds. These reflect what has already happened on the field and not necessarily what will happen. In short, you could get great odds on a favourite that is losing in the hope of them winning later.

Some Indian sports betting sites permit live streaming. This is exactly as it sounds. The betting site ensures that you can watch any matches they support. However, at some bookies, you will need to have a bet placed to live stream games. In others, you can do so without having placed a bet. The ability to live stream matches depends on the broadcasting deal your sportsbook has and your country of residence.

Betting with Accumulators and Other Special Stakes

When you wager on sports, you can bet with accumulators and other special stakes. Each sports betting site will have its betting slip. From there, you can often place multiple bets on the same slip. Doing so will regularly unlock a set of different options – special stakes and accumulators.

The basic idea behind accumulators is that you can multiply your winnings. The winnings from the first bet (chronologically) are then used as the stakes for the next, and so on. This allows you to win a lot more than if you were to bet on each event separately. However, the trick is that accumulators require you to pull off all your bets. At the very least, you’ll need to get “most” of them right. The exact number can vary from site to site.

Adjustable Odds, Guaranteed Odds and Boosts

Each bookmaker you visit will likely have different odds for the same sporting events. This is normal. However, you only want to join betting sites with the best odds. It is, therefore, ideal to use a betting comparison site. These showcase the odds for the same event at many sites, allowing you to see the best one. If you have multiple accounts – accounts at several sites – you can always guarantee you get the best odds.

Many Indian sports betting sites also offer guaranteed odds or odds boosts. If rival sites beat their odds, they will often lower them to compete. On top of this, you will be able to adjust the odds as you see them. Decimal, American, and fractional odds are ideal for specific sports. However, Asian, Malay, and other odds formats are also supported at top Indian sports betting sites.

Sportsbook Welcome Bonuses and Special Offers

Of course you’ll likely claim a bonus after you register as a new player at a leading sports betting site. These welcome bonuses, as they are known, will also vary from site to site. Some can be worth thousands of rupees, even tens of thousands. Others are more petite. You can regularly find welcome bonuses in each sports betting site’s lobby (homepage).

A welcome bonus is designed to lure you in and provide you with a chunk of free cash. However, the actual value of the bonus is not in how much it offers but in its wagering requirements. If the wagering requirements are high, the bonus is of little use to you. Playthrough rates aren’t the only terms you need to consider. Most bonuses can only be used on selections with odds above a specific figure and perhaps only on selected sports.

The welcome bonus at most sports betting sites is effectively a match deposit bonus. This works in the same way that casino deposit bonuses, too. Indeed, some sportsbooks may also offer a casino bonus alongside them if they carry such games.

After snapping up a welcome bonus, members can start to look at other deals. Indian sports betting sites may have special odds on selected events. They may have money back guarantees on specific markets. Moreover, there may be odds boosts, cash back, additional deposit bonuses and more. The icing on the cake is a VIP scheme. This will see you rewarded over time when you bet on sports.

Virtual and E-Sports Betting Explained

Online betting sites in India don’t just support sports or in-play sports betting options. However, many of the top sites now regularly support virtual and e-sports betting. We’re sure that e-sports betting won’t be strange to you. Some video games are now professional e-sports leagues. You’re free to bet on these just as you would wager on any real, physical sport. However, such sites also regularly offer virtual sports betting.

Virtual sports are sometimes referred to as fantasy sports. Here, you are wagering on a digital match between two teams. These could be leagues, tournaments, one-off games, or anything in-between. However, the result has no bearing on real life. The games are simulated virtually. In short, they are “games”, not “matches”. Virtual cricket and virtual football are becoming rather popular in India. However, there are other types of virtual sports games that you can wager on at sports gambling sites.

Join India’s Best Sports Betting Sites Today

India is home to many of today’s biggest and most popular sports betting sites. Leading brands and household names provide all the action you want to see. However, you still need to find such a site to sign up to. Fortunately, you don’t have to look very hard. Our skilled team of casino and sports betting pros knows where to look.

We check out, play at, and review Indian sports betting sites. We have strict criteria that we grade these sites with. Only if we are fully satisfied do they get a mention on this page. Scroll to the top to find regulated, certified, and trustworthy Indian sports betting sites today.

FAQS – Your Questions About Sports Betting Answered

Before you start betting on sports, take a brief look at this FAQ page. If you have any remaining questions, we will try to answer them right here.

Do all sports betting sites accept players from India?

No. There are many sports books out there that don’t accept Indian players. However, all the ones that appear on our page will certainly take onboard players from the subcontinent. Moreover, they are all top sports betting sites.

Can I bet on sports from my mobile phone?

You can. Some of our top sports betting sites support wagers via dedicated mobile betting apps. Others prefer an HTML5 interface, meaning that you can place bets using the browser on your tablet or smartphone.

Can I cash out my winnings early?

That depends on where you play. Some online casinos permit early cashout options, and some do not. Read our sports betting reviews to find out the situation for your favourite sites.

Can I trust an Indian sports betting site?

Again, this is something that can vary depending on where you play. Our trusted Indian sports betting sites have been given our seal of approval. We’ve tested them and found them reliable, so you can always trust our sites.

Do sportsbooks also offer online casino games?

Yes and no. Again, this is something that will change from betting site to site. Major sports betting sites (known as sportsbooks) will offer casino games on the side. Smaller Indian online bookmakers may not provide this service to their users.

Can I claim a bonus when I play at a sports betting site?

Absolutely. Of course most top sportsbooks catering to players in India will permit you to claim bonuses and promos. Some are welcome bonuses for first-time depositors. Others will be special deals on existing selections, markets, and sporting events.

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